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QGIS Training at Entura

In April 2016, Alex Leith and Dawn Hendrick ran a full day of QGIS training for Entura at their offices in Cambridge.

The session included four sections:

  • Intro and loading data
  • Data and digitising
  • Spatial analysis
  • Raster analysis.

QGIS Training

Tailored Services

One of the important factors in the success of this training was tailoring it to some of the unique work that Entura undertake. Alex was able to set up the final session of the day to look into modelling catchment areas using some of the advanced analysis functionality available through SAGA operators.

Elevation model

Through the day of training, participants were able to be guided through a broad range of QGIS functionality, from loading data to using some of the advanced styling capabilities and from basic spatial analysis to advanced domain-specific raster analyses. The eight participants in the training provided some great feedback, including comments that it was a “great hands on day of training” and that they “liked the approach of work book examples”.

Catchment modelling

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